Posted by: dagmarbranding | May 29, 2013

Building Your Brand with Eye-Catching Displays

tension backwallBrand is the face of the business. It represents you as an organization, a business and a working force that aims to deliver the needs, wants and expectations of the primary target market. Strong brands can boost long term sales and profitability. Most businesses capitalize on strengthening its brands through employing different strategies to catch the attention of consuming public. This is because consumers perceive a product based on the brand it is associated.

There are a lot of brand building strategies. Some used above the line, below the line and through the line advertising. Its goal focuses on capturing the attention of possible prospects. However, as we are living in a saturated market with thousands of brands, products and services, it is a challenge faced by many businesses how to create distinction and identity to its brand. Under marketing principles, brand carries the overall concept of a business.

It might be easy to understand how brand boosts success to a business. The question however lies with how you can do it. Before employing strategies, you must understand the behavior of your target market and match it with your products/services. After doing that you can address the issue of how you can capture their attention. The first thing to note is that customers do a second look when something caught their interest. So, you must make sure that your strategy is interesting to their eyes.

Tension BackwallOne common strategy we can see everywhere whether outdoors or indoors is the use of visual creations such as display. This is effective, however, some businesses abused such tactic making it unfriendly and resistive to possible consumers. Bills, notices, prints and other printed materials may be easily neglected by a consumer. One, because they have been used to it. Two, they don’t want to read texts. Three, they don’t talk to strangers. Your best resort is to create a display that will catch their attention, will show your brand, will relay the message of your business, without making them read long contexts. This is a challenging task but it is easier if you can draft the concept of the display and let some one else concretize the idea.

Capitalizing on the visual implication and branding association of cognitive response of a person is the fundamental aspect of displays. People tend to react more on what they can see than what they can hear (though some cases may require otherwise). To think that a display is a way to trick consumers is a a common misconception have corrupted the minds of marketers. A display should be well thought of because it will represent the company you are working for. When humors are used, the display or its physical lay out should not harm the name of the company but will simply capture interests and curiosity.

Branding is a make or break strategy for a business. It needs to be properly undertaken because a business without a brand is like a bird not knowing where it is going. Successful branding strategy can give profits even if branding strategies have been minimized. When you have set your competitive advantage on the consumer’s mind, you can do other functions of business. Simply said, it is the foundation for continuing operation and implementation of other strategies for business success.



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