Posted by: dagmarbranding | June 15, 2013

Importance of Market Umbrellas for Outdoor Advertising

Canopy UmbrellaImagine drinking a cup of coffee in an open restaurant. Immediately, umbrellas catch the market’s attention. The designs are visible and can capture the market’s interest right away. Other than they are used to create shade for the customers, the main purpose of a market umbrella is to promote the business. It is an effective outdoor advertising tool. This is the importance of using a market umbrella for the business.

Outdoor advertising come in different forms. Businesses can have billboards and banners, these are common methods of promoting the business, but through time, market umbrellas have been considered in the market. Its design and features are strategical. These can be used in cafes, bars, restaurants, social events or at beach clubs.

Consider the several advantages of this marketing tool in order to make the business distinctive in the market. Advertising product manufacturers utilize quality lighter materials for the pole and still make it strong. Not to mention during strong winds and heavy rains, these umbrellas still remain sturdy. This allows the marketer to transport the umbrella easily. It would be an advantage for the business to have a larger surface area to show off the brand. Thereby keeping the market notice on the brand at first glance. The moment when an entrepreneur needs to update a marketing message, the branded canopies are easier and quicker to replace. Some advertisers do not realize that there are manufacturers who uses UV resistant materials to have a longer lasting color. Designs and logos that have faded colors are no longer pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind that the market is sensitive. Once something different catches their attention, it can lead to either the success or the downfall of a business. Also, when marketers want to save on the budget of producing marketing tools for the business, instead of ordering more, these umbrellas can be washed in order to keep it looking new all the time.

Market umbrellas play an important role in outdoor advertising. These are cost-effective tools to reach a wider audience. Simply putting up an umbrella at a restaurant along the street encourages more people to the business. It creates awareness to people  not only at the restaurant but to whoever that passes seeing the umbrella visible to everyone.

Other types of advertising such as TV and radio require limited time to present to the audience. Other than that, it requires a certain time when the advertisement will be shown. However, market umbrellas can be displayed whenever the marketer would want it. Therefore, these umbrellas can be seen by anyone even at night or at an early dawn provided these umbrellas remain visible.

Repetition is the key to promote the business. The message has to be presented to the customers and prospects all the time in order to make it impossible to forget the brand. When customers keep seeing the brand from the market umbrella, most likely, he will remember the business and never forget it. Advertisers do not neglect these marketing tools. It brings the business to success.



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