Posted by: dagmarbranding | June 29, 2013

5 Banner Types That Can Wow the Business

Over the years, banners have never failed to serve its purpose. Businesses have chosen these marketing tools to advertise and promote the business. Professional marketers and advertisers are hired to look for strategies and ways to make the business have the edge in the market. It might be easier for the business to create the product than to capture the market to keep the business going and growing. It requires more time, money and skills in order to compete with the other companies that have reached their level of success. Businesses prefer to attend events such as trade shows, sports competition, exhibits and other opportunities to optimize the target market.

Banners have what it takes for the marketer to drive more customers or partners to the business. It has the logo and perfect design that can captivate the market’s attention. In addition, it has the message that is needed to be delivered to the market in order to increase awareness. Although advertising can be accomplished in any form, let us consider these styles that can boost the business.

Wing Banners

Wing Banner

This type is also known as blade banners or shark fins because of its shape. It is ideal for outdoor events such as sports competition like marathons and triathlons, and golf events, else, in exhibitions and store openings, where these banners are placed at the entrance for great visibility. Marketers will have the option to have the logo and the design to be printed on either both sides or just at a single side. Either way, these banners can be placed in a cluster or individually, these still deliver the message to the market in increase brand recognition.

Teardrop Banners

Teardrop Banner

These banner types are known to be teardrop flags which come in different sizes and used in either indoor or outdoor. Banners have a unique design that can withstand no matter how strong the winds are. They cut through it allowing it to continually stand and serve its purpose and that is to catch attention and draw interested customers to the business. Marketers do not worry say when joining outdoor event since this is made from quality materials where its design and logo will remain no matter how strong the elements of nature are.

Feather Banners

Feather Banners

When advertisers order from displays manufacturer, it will only allow them 6-12 days to produce these banners and make it available for the business to promote. The reason why these banners are called feather banners because of its innovative stand that has a unique rotating mechanism that enables it to sway through the wind.

Pinback Banners

Pinback Banners

This type looks a little like the wing banner, only difference is, the bottom bar needs to be pulled down and pinned back in order to create tension. Thus, this innovative design can prevent the banner to flap reducing its wear and tear. These banners create an impact to the market.

Lantern Banners

Lantern Banners

Lastly, these are unique designs to catch attention. It aerodynamic design allows the banner to turn in the wind, ensuring customers and prospects to see the 3 sides with the business brand.

There are varieties to keep the business on top. Businesses have adapted using banners.





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