Posted by: dagmarbranding | August 7, 2013

Advertising Banners Outdoors 101: The Placement Aspect

Banner StandsNo matter what people say, outdoor advertising is here to stay. Currently, there are a lot of forms of advertisements across different platforms, like on TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines and of course, the Internet, where most companies are making the switch. However, people must not underestimate the power of the power Out-of-Home/Outdoor media and their power to advertise. Currently, billboards, banners and other advertising displays have taken different forms and sizes, which make them pretty effective, portable and durable advertising tools. These forms include overly large umbrellas which adorn outdoor restaurants and sidewalks and pop-up tents that are used as shelters for food stands and of course. Placing the these advertising materials requires a lot of strategic planning, but if you know what and how to it, it would not be much of a problem. Here are some things that you must put into thought in the planning phase of placing your advertising material.

First off, know your audience. It really would not matter if the content of your advertising material is good or not if you do not know where to put it. The first thing about knowing where to put it is knowing who are the people that should look at it. It is important to know who is most likely to buy or avail of the product depicted in the graphics. For example, if you are advertising candy or a chocolate bar you must be able to place it in an area where children usually hang out, like schools, playgrounds, arcades and candy stores. When you are advertising a product, each is usually being advertised and promoted directly to a specific audience, so be sure to know which type of people are the targets.

Display BoothsThen know where to put it up. Knowing your audience is one thing, knowing where to place your ads is another. The best areas where you can place them are of course the ones where all sorts transportation pass by. Ever wonder why billboards and banners adorn the sides of highways? It is because these ads are mostly visible in these areas and are places where people pass. Other good areas are places where the highest concentration of human beings stay or pass by. Such areas include train stations, whose walls are mostly adorned by different sorts of advertising materials, parks and of course malls. Also be sure to take advantage of social events and gatherings like flea markets, sports events and city fairs.

Make sure your signs capture attention even from far distances. A good banner is always visible even from distances ranging for more than a hundred feet. Remember, in displaying ads, coverage is a major factor.Make sure to make the product look as attractive as possible and emphasize the selling points in the visuals, like if you are displaying a multi-colored candy ad, be sure to incorporate the colors into the design. Try putting a well-printed, smart, positively provocative graphic on your banner in order to grab attention.


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