Posted by: dagmarbranding | September 5, 2013

Trade Show Planning Tips Effective Outdoor Advertising

Planning a trade show? You might be starting to think of the type of pop up displays, tents, outdoor signage, and retractable banners to use to create an exhibit the public could never ignore. Though portable signs are equally important, these are not only the things essential to create a trade show that matters to the people. Successful trade shows do not just happen; it requires careful, diligent, and thorough planning to achieve the best results.

Effective Outdoor Advertising

If you aim for your brand to have a loyal following in the market, trade shows, expos, exhibits, and fairs opens you to a world of opportunities where you can meet new clients, talk with possible suppliers, and get ahead of the competition. One effective trade show can provide you the advertising results that you will probably work for in a month if you just stayed at your place.

Create a remarkable difference on how customers will view your brand among the competition. Here are tips that you can use to effectively lay-out an effective trade show.

Choose The Correct Trade Exhibit

There are thousands of trade shows held in the US yearly, picking the shows that matches your business is important to ensure that the efforts on planning and the investments that you poured in will not be wasted. Start your search by looking for exhibits that fit your product and services. The The Tradeshow & Convention Guide and The Tradeshow Week Data Book are good references to find shows that meet your business’ niche.

Set Clear Objectives

To maximize your efforts in creating a trade show, it is vital you decide on the purpose of participating in a trade show. You have to set attainable and measurable goals. The tasks that you will do for the show should be evaluated accordingly on how they will be able to contribute in attaining those goals.

Planning is very important because it determines the flow of the event. If you already have chosen the exhibit you are planning to participate, contact the event organizers first to get the details of the type of the visitors the event attracts. This way, you will be able to conceptualize your trade show basing it on a specific audience.

Promote Your Presence Through Portable Event Displays

As you organize the exhibit, it will be beneficial if you will be very particular of the details especially when it comes to the advertising tools that you will be using. Whenever there will be a sales opportunity, a pop up display stand offers an exceptional impact. To house your exhibit for the day, think of canopies and tents lined with feather flag or teardrop banners.

Man the Show with Competitive Staff

No matter what your promotional goal is, you have to remember that you can never do it alone. As much as possible pick your best staff to man the trade shows. They should be smart, friendly, and accommodating to the visitors. The staff must understand the goals of the exhibit as they are well-informed about your business’ products of services.


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