Posted by: dagmarbranding | September 17, 2013

Indoor Conventions: Capturing Attention

Advertising materials

Trade shows and conventions are a great way to strut your stuff, including products and the things that you and your business are pretty proud of. It is also a good way to show what your capabilities are, considering that aside from the mass media and the Internet; it is the only way to lure in potential customers and investors. These events are also a way to get close and personal with customers who can be swayed to your favor in one way or the other. However, you will have a ton of competition in the said events, considering that you are not the only company in the convention room. With that said how can you rise above the rest and attract potential customers? Well, here are some tips and guidelines:

First impressions will enable you to make relationships last. A potential customer or an audience will always try to look for displays that stand out. When trying to capture the attention of the multitude of people drifting in and out of the convention room, always make it an imperative to design a banner or a display stand that enables you to stand out. First off, consider the size of the display. It must be seen by a majority of people in the room all the while respecting the space and boundaries set by other companies. Make sure that the design is provocative in a positive way and must be able to stir up the curiosity – all that in just a glance.

Rule the advertising materials. Depending on what fits perfectly, make use of advertising materials like stand up banners, hanging banners, tower displays and curved displays effectively. This means that you must be able to not only create an effective design for them, but they must also be placed correctly and accordingly. If you are only limited to place them in your area, then make sure to place them in an organized way so as to not confuse passers-by and potential customers. Remember, advertising enables you to reach your customers so find a way to make them effective.

Product Branding

Man the fort with experts. Always remember to only place people and receptionists in your boundaries that are effective communicators. Remember, they represent your company; they must be professional and have a PR background that is nothing short of exceptional. Advertising materials and your products indirectly represent you, but the people that don your company’s colors give customers the idea on how your company/business deals with customers and clients.

Display the right content and materials. It is always imperative to present the right materials to your audience. In conventions and trade shows, always make sure that you have the resources and the informative material at hand – and the capabilities to present it correctly at that. You have to be sure to present specific types of content and materials during the event, to allow uniformity. Make sure that your banners and advertising are in accordance with the products and the information that you offer.  Lastly, make sure that the content you offer is in accordance with the convention.


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