Posted by: dagmarbranding | October 3, 2013

Creating an Effective Outdoor Advertising Strategy

Learn About the Advertising StrategiesFor a brand and a business to gain a foothold in today’s economy, one must be able to rely heavily on advertising and create ways and strategies in order to gain lot of profits. As you may already know, outdoor advertising is all about capturing and sustaining attention, which is why it is imperative that the strategies behind it all must be well planned and thought of. The different types of media, namely broadcast, print, new (the internet and digital platforms) and out-of-home, provides a lot of options, but the latter, out-of-home or outdoor, packs a different punch. It basically takes advantage of people who are commuting or are outside their homes and offices.  There are a lot of factors that affect the success of the outdoor advertising strategy, some of which include:

The type of advertising material

First off, the strategy should include the type of advertising material being utilized. This aspect includes choosing between billboards and different types of banners. The size and the reach of which should also be taken into consideration. Naturally, billboards are a whole lot larger and reach more people. A well placed one can be seen by over hundreds of thousands of viewers. Banners meanwhile, are smaller; however, they are able to target a specific type of audience while being easy to move around. In the planning process, consider what type of material may fit your needs.

The design of the advertisement

Probably the most important aspect of an outdoor advertisement is its design, considering that it’s the thing that sells the product. In this case, it is important for the ads to emphasize the product being promoted (this law is sometimes ignored by most companies). All the elements of the design must connive in order to accomplish the task, which includes the images, text, colors and the background of the whole thing. The images must be able to depict the product and its strong points. The text meanwhile, must be less than six words and must contain a strong call to action; one that could persuade the audience to avail of the product. The colors used and the background meanwhile, must contrast each other in order for the whole thing to be easily discernable. Use both of them for emphasis.

Advertisement placement

Placing ads is not that complicated, although there are some aspects that you must consider. Remember these: a mass audience, the type of audience and the interests of the audience. Your ad must either compare to one or all three of these factors. First, you need to place the ad (regardless of form) in an area where there are a lot of people, to increase the chance of it being seen. Second, place the ad in an area where specific types of people usually drop by. For example, if you are advertising sneakers, it is best to place it in areas where teenagers pass by. Lastly, you need to make sure that you place the ad in an area where people who may take interest and need your product live. The best example of which is to place an ad promoting farm equipment in a farming community.


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